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Travelling to Chiang Mai And Choosing the Hotels To Stay In Chiang Mai

Things You Need to Learn Before Visiting

Chiang Mai has many misty mountains and energetic hill tribes which is less popular for travellers. It is also famous for shoppers and adventurers. There are also many Holiday Inn Chiang Mai Thailand.

Chiang Mai also is known as Chiengmai, is a city that belongs to the hotel near night market bazaar, Thailand. Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand and the third-largest city in the nation. For your knowledge, the first is Bangkok and the second is Nakhon Ratchasima.

chiang mai hotels near night market

700km north from Bangkok and you will travel to Chiang Mai and accommodation in Chiang Mai. A city with the scenic valley that doubles as a mixed wonderland of ancient temples and modern buildings together.

Accommodation in Chiang Mai is also known as the sprawling modern city, the centre of Chiang Mai is still giving a residential feel like a sleepy country town. The town is also surrounded by lush green countryside and pristine rainforests with waterfalls, wat, markets, and elephant sanctuaries which is a perfect place to have outdoor wedding Chiang Mai.

Hotels to stay in Chiang Mai provides a free tour to visit handicrafts spot. Lacquerware is local to Chiang Mai province, back in the time, it was used to give a silky weatherproof finish that preserves the life of an artefact.

Attractions in Chiang Mai

Now, these containers are made in different shapes with woven or coiled bamboo stripes, enamelled with resin from plants and coloured with cinnabar to create the pattern on the products.

Thai handicrafts are one of the things that can represent Hotel Chiang Mai, as the centre is renowned as the centre of Thai handicrafts. The small villages nearby are specialized in some regions of craft such as silverwork, wood carving, pottery making, umbrellas, and lacquerware.

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If you are travelling with a group of friends, you may go to the river cruising. It brings you past the beautiful scenery in the heart of Chiang Mai offering peace and serenity.

Adventurous tourists can go for a jungle trekking tour. It usually comes with a local guide that can communicate in English, bringing you to the tribal villages and natural attractions such as waterfalls.

Culture & Heavy Shopping with Food

There are countless stalls operate daily starting from 5 pm. Offering a great variety of products such as fashion pieces, handicrafts, street massage, and food.

Tourist is recommended to visit the night market bazaar as they can get a variety of goods at very affordable prices and enjoy seafood buffet in Chiang Mai to the fullest. The bazaar is usually split into different sections to let the shopper navigate easier. Hotel Chiang Mai provides a scooter for rent to replace tuk-tuk can give a one of its own experience as well.

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Chiang Mai night bazaar is one of the main venues for locals and tourist shopping. There are hundreds of stalls packing along the sidewalks. Basically, you could buy anything you want to get.

One of the most popular spots is the Wat Phra Singh, it is of the Chiang Mai’s most preserved temple. The Buddhist temple is full of lavish monastic buildings, trimmed grounds, coffee stands and massage pavilions.

It is also known as the most sacred temples northern of Thailand. The founding legend of history is taught to every child in their school. It is the beautiful architecture as it has a 306-step staircase flanked by Naga.

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