Top 5 things you should know before travelling to Bangkok

Top 5 things you should know before travelling to Bangkok

When people discussing Bangkok, the most common thing might be heard from past travellers were all about bad and disaster experiences during the trip. In order to have a pleasant journey, here are the 5 considerations you should take before travelling to Bangkok:

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Get yourself a place to stay

Bangkok always viewed as one of the most attractive places to go in the eyes of worldwide tourists. Bangkok hotels always fully booked by tourists whole year-round.

So, before travelling to Bangkok, the first things first is you need to make the “advanced booking” of Bangkok hotel before a month you go,  to ensure the chance of “stray” would not happen on you. The checking step on the available of Bangkok hotels should be a must to place in your consideration list.

Take public transport regularly

Before travelling to Bangkok, the planning and decision making on which transportation to take during your Bangkok touring is very important. For the convenience aspect, the location of your hotel is determining which transportation is more appealing for you.

One of the advice you should take is to try to pick hotels near Skytrain and BTS. A few steps of walking distance available from hotels near Skytrain and BTS definitely will save your time for travelling to more attractions instead of stuck in a terrifying traffic jam in Bangkok.

Try to pick the hotel has provided shuttle bus or van service to nearest Skytrain and BTS station. Remember the tip that seconds and minutes saved in your trip would not let you regret.

Tipping culture in Bangkok restaurant

Thai food always a fascinating point attracts foreign tourists to pay a visit to Bangkok every year. The tipping culture that practised is varied in countries from countries.

The culture of contributes of at least 10 per cent of your total bill as a tip to a waiter in Bangkok restaurant is considered as respect and appreciation to the waiter, but for the street food vendor tipping from you might be viewed as a disrespectful so that the differentiation of tipping practice between Bangkok restaurant and street food store.

However, there are also some of the high-class restaurants that do not accept tips from the customers. Make sure you do some research before you enter it!

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Quality of hotel

Bangkok is a tourist attraction full of diverse boutique hotels. Some of these boutique hotels are doing for the high-end customers but some almost over “novelty”.  In recent year, a lot of scammers are trying to make a false review about these boutique-style accommodations in Bangkok that is misleading and deceive the tourist.

So, a step of checking the quality of the service provided must be added in your consideration list before making any booking action of any boutique hotel in Bangkok.

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Respect the culture

Among the Asia countries, Thailand could be a bright spot and always standing out in terms of acceptance and equality. The prevalent of gay culture within Thailand is a very common thing happened around the country.

Bangkok, a capital city of Thailand also be reviewed as one of the most gay-friendly cities. There are many gay-friendly hotels that could be found by you while you are staying in Bangkok. Click here to check out the LGBT friendly hotel.

Numerous of these gay-friendly hotels are providing special shows such as tiger show to customers. Be aware that this is a part of Thailand’s culture, if you or your travel partner is feeling uncomfortable and insupportable for this then you should avoid booking the gay-friendly hotels.

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